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Karting Legends - Membership

Membership of Karting Legends is limited and that membership limit is reviewed from time to time

Karting Legends has a process for membership as Karting Legends wishes to maintain high standards in kart preparation and conduct at its displays and demonstrations.

The process for membership is that the applicant should submit completed forms which contain details of karting / motorsport history and of the kart or karts the applicant would be displaying / running at meetings.  The forms would be vetted by a committee and if successful the applicant would be invited to a Karting Legends display / demonstration meeting with his / her kart.  Scrutineering takes place at all meetings and the kart would be checked that it is as the submitted forms and  compliant with all scrutineering requirements.  Personal protection (helmet, leather one piece suit, gloves and boots) will need to be to the latest MSA requirements for long circuit karting.  Details of the requirements can be provided if required.  MSUK membership is a requirement of Karting Legend members.

After the display / demonstration meeting the committee secretary would advise the applicant on the status of his/her application.  If successful the membership fee would be due and the applicant would be able to attend any of the Karting Legends meetings.  If unsuccessful the applicant would be advised accordingly.

Nick Purdie

Secretary Karting Legends

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